Twitter Alerts: How to Get it by Email using Twilert

Twitter Alerts: How to Get it by Email using Twilert

Do you like to keep up with specific keywords, users, or hashtags on Twitter? If you are managing a brand or business, keeping up with tweets is an important aspect of reputation monitoring and management. This way you can see everything that other people are saying about you or your brand, and you can counteract as needed. I’m sure that you have a lot of other important things to do besides sit around on Twitter all day, so you’ll need a service to keep you updated on relevant tweets. Twilert is the perfect service for this. It’s a free Web app that lets you create Twitter alerts and receive email updates regarding those alerts, at the day/time you choose.

So here’s how to set up Twitter alerts using Twilert.

Setup Twitter Alerts

  1. Sign into Twilert using your Google or Twitter account. Once you give Twilert access to your Twitter account, you’ll be directed back to their website where you must enter your email address. Be sure to enter a valid email address, since this is where you’ll be receiving your alerts.
  2. Next, choose your time zone so that Twilert knows exactly when to send you alerts.

Choose time zone on Twilert for Twitter Alerts

  1. Next to the time zone box, enter the search term(s), Twitter username, or hashtag that you want to monitor. (i.e. a keyword or phrase like “social media”, a @username for a specific Twitter user, or a #hashtag).

Enter the Twitter content that you want to monitor and when to be reminded via Twitter Alerts

  1. Enter the day and time that you’d like to be notified each day or week. (i.e. everyday at 4pm, Fridays at 9am, every Monday, twice a week, etc). Twilert will let you know whether the day/time format you’ve entered is acceptable.
  2. Once you have at least one alert set up, you can manage your alert(s) from the Twilert home page; your alerts will appear right below the box where you create your alert.

Manage your Twilerts and turn your alerts on or off.

  1. You can turn an alert on/off when you choose and see when the last alert was emailed to you.

That’s it. As you can see, even though it’s not the only way, Twilert is definitely one of the easiest ways to receive Twitter alerts by email.

However, if you want to try out some similar tools you may also like:

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TweetyMail – The all-in-one email solution for Twitter
Twitter Alerts – Free Twitter alerts by email, SMS, or instant message.
Tweet Scan – Get emailed when your keywords are mentioned on Twitter.
What is your favorite way to keep up with keywords, hashtags, or users on Twitter. Do you use a service that sends you email alerts like Twilert? Maybe you use a mobile app, desktop app or browser extension?

Let us know in the comments.

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