How to Update Facebook Status from Twitter

How to Update Facebook Status from Twitter

Have you ever noticed that some Facebook users like to update their status from Twitter? Have you ever wondered how only selective tweets were being posted to Facebook, instead of every single tweet? As you’re probably aware of, many people who are on both Facebook and Twitter like to save time by cross-posting to Twitter from Facebook, or vice-versa. There is a popular Facebook App named Selective Tweets that can be used to update Facebook status from Twitter, but only when you choose.

Here’s how to use it.

Update Your Facebook Status

  1. Go to the Selective Tweets app on Facebook and enter your twitter ID in the text box. Click on “save.”

Enter Your Twitter ID in the Selective Tweets Facebook App.

  1. Next you’ll need to add the app to your account, which will give it permission to access your basic information and post on your behalf. Click on “go to app” and then “allow” on the next window.

Add the Selective Tweets Facebook App.

  1. Now when you want to update your Facebook status from Twitter, just send out a tweet and include the #fb hashtag.

Note: Don’t forget the hashtag, that’s the only way that the Selective Tweets app will know that you want the tweet posted to Facebook.

Update Your Facebook Pages

  1. If you want to update your Facebook pages using Twitter, you can do this as well using Selective Tweets. This will only work if you have a Twitter account related to a Twitter page. For example, you may have a Twitter and Facebook for your brand, company/business, or blog.

Update Your Facebook Pages using Selective Tweets.

  1. Click on the “your pages” tab and enter the Twitter username that you want to use to update a specific fan page; you can do this for each fan page that you own. Once you enter the Twitter username, press enter to save it.
  2. Now when you post a tweet from that account along with the #fb hashtag, it will update your Facebook fan page.

Be sure to go to the “settings” tab so that you can customize the settings for tweets that are being posted to your personal page; these settings do not apply to your Fan pages.

Selective Tweets Settings

I just want to note here that you can choose to allow the #fb hashtag to be anywhere in the tweet. If you leave this option unchecked, you’ll have to add the #fb hashtag to the end of your tweet in order for it to post.

Also, you can choose to insert real names in your Facebook status messages instead of @mentions. Since @mentions are a feature exclusive to Twitter and has no effect on Facebook, there is no point in having @mentions on Facebook.

Plus, having an @mention in your Facebook status is a dead giveaway that you’re posting your tweets to Facebook. So, it’s pretty cool that you can change the @mention to a “real name” for a cleaner look.

Final Thoughts
So now you know the smart way to update Facebook status from Twitter, using Selective Tweets. It’s easy and will keep you from bombarding your Facebook friends with all of your tweets. You can also share post on Facebook and Google plus by a single click.

Do you use Selective Tweets to cross-post from Twitter to Facebook or do you use another tool?

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