How to Manually Update Apps Downloaded From Windows Store

How to Manually Update Apps Downloaded From Windows Store

The much awaited Windows 8 has finally hit the stores and analysts are predicting it to break all the success records of earlier Windows. Just like all the popular mobile OS’s have their own official app stores, Microsoft has announced the Windows Store to get the apps for Windows 8. I am here to teach you that how one can update the installed apps manually. But before that, let’s see what Windows Store is.

What is Windows Store ?
Well, the name itself speaks its work. Windows Store is a store to get the apps for your Windows 8. In addition to providing the apps for Windows 8, another good feature of this store is that it checks for the updates for the installed apps, automatically. So one does not need to bother about the update process.

Why to Update Manually, When Windows Store Does it Automatically?

Now your sharp mind might have got hit by this question. This is obvious to rise as why one should take the time for manual updates while Windows Store is doing it itself. Well, if you subscribe to any news channel providing news related to apps of Windows 8 or create an alert on Google for the same, then you will find the answer. I did the same and found that many a times, Windows Store didn’t push any update to my installed app, while it was actually available. Moreover, many apps got the update notification from Windows Store a hell lot time after the update was out.

How to Manually Update the Installed Apps ?
Of course, to initiate the process, open the Windows Store.
Now bring up the Charms menu by using the shortcut Windows + C. You can also point your mouse cursor to Charms menu hotspot on the right edge of screen, to perform the same.
Just click on the ‘Settings’ and choose “App updates”.
Now select the “Check for updates” and Windows Store will do the same.
Windows Store will take you to new page, if any update is found.
If more than one update is found, then you can either use the ‘Select All’ option to install all the updates with single click or you can also select the updates manually.
The ‘View Details’ button, that appears once you select any app update, enables you to check the changes that are going to take place with the installation of update.
That’s it. You have successfully updated the apps manually from Windows Store. The process is quite simple and does not involve any complex steps in it. So what are you waiting for? Next time, get your app updated, before your friends do and let them all see you with shocking eyes. Amazing experience. Isn’t it?

Do hit the comment box below, if you need any help regarding the update procedure in Windows 8.

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