How to Get Email FollowUp Reminders with FollowUpThen

How to Get Email FollowUp Reminders with FollowUpThen

Are you looking for an easy way to clean out your email Inbox? Do you want to be sure that your email messages get responses? With FollowUpThen, a free email reminder service, you can set up free email followup reminders in minutes.

Along with getting reminders when a recipient hasn’t responded after a certain amount of time, you can also use FollowUpThen to receive followup reminders for important messages. Likewise, you can use the service to get messages out of your Inbox that you don’t have time to take care of at the moment. No matter what the reason, FollowUpThen is extremely quick and easy to use.

How to Get Email FollowUp Reminders with FollowUpThen

Here’s how it works.

Getting Started

  1. Enter your email address on the home page to sign up. You’ll need to confirm your account via email to get started.
  2. You’ll be shown a preview of FollowUpThen’s premium service, but you’re not obligated to sign up – although you can get a 30-day free trial. Just click on the “free version” link at the top of the page to continue.

Sign up for the free version of FollowUpThen.

  1. On the next page, enter your time zone and choose whether or not to receive email confirmations; FollowUpThen can send you an email confirmation each time you schedule a followup.

Set Up Followup Reminders

  1. Whenever you want to set up a reminder, create an email message and add one of the “Time Formats” in the “To”, “CC”, or “Bcc” field of your email.

Use the “To” field to get an email followup after the time interval that you specify.
Use the “CC” field to get a followup if your recipient has not responded by the scheduled time; the recipient will receive a followup email as well.
Use the “Bcc” field to get a followup after the time interval that you specify; the recipient will not receive a followup email.

  1. There are many time/scheduling formats that you can use to specify a time interval, day of the week, specify date, specific time, recurring reminders, etc. Here are a few examples:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

  1. If you need to view or cancel a pending reminder, just send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive an email with a list of pending followups. Each email followup will have its own cancel link that you can use to cancel the followup as needed.

Google Calendar Integration

  1. FollowUpThen will give you a custom URL that you can subscribe to in Google Calendar. This way, you can see up to 3 of your upcoming followup reminders right on your calendar.

FollowUpThen Google Calendar Integration

Copy your custom URL
Go to Google Calendar and find the “Add by URL” link
Paste your custom URL and add it to your calendar
You should then see your followups in your calendar – free members can only see up to 3 of their upcoming followups
Note: Your custom calendar URL will work with other calendars as well like Outlook, iCal, Thunderbird, and more.

Final Thoughts on Email Followup
As you can see, FollowUpThen makes it really easy to receive followup reminders. It’s as easy as sending an email message and learning the different Time Formats that you can use. Do you use FollowUpThen or a similar service?

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