How to Easily Share Any Location with a Friend

How to Easily Share Any Location with a Friend

How do you share locations with your friends? If you wanted to meet somewhere for lunch and your friend didn’t know the location of the restaurant, what would be the easiest way to get that information to them?

Well, you could use Google maps and share a location that way, but it will not include all the useful information that PinPoints does.

How to Easily Share Any Location with a Friend

So what’s PinPoints, you ask? It’s an online tool that lets you share any business or location quickly and easily with friends, family, or anyone else. To share a location, you must create a “pinpoint” and then you can send it via email, as a text message, or on your favorite social network.

With PinPoints, “you don’t have to worry about what type of phone your friends have;” it integrates with any type of mapping app or software. Plus, it’s viewable online in any Web browser via a short URL.

Here’s how to share your location using PinPoints.

  1. Go to the PinPoints website and be sure to “allow” PinPoints access to your computer’s location.

Allow PinPoint to use your computer’s location.

  1. Type in a location to bring it up on PinPoints. You can type the name of a business in the first box. If you prefer, you can enter a location in the second box – city, state, country, address, postcode.
  2. As you’re typing, PinPoints will display local results below the search box that you can select.

Type a location or business name in PinPoints.

  1. Once you select a location, it will appear as a pointer on the map. Click on the pointer to bring up an information panel on the right side of the page.

Update the location information and create your pinpoint.

  1. You’ll see that some or all the information is already filled in. You can add more information or make changes as needed; this is the information that will be included in the “pinpoint” that you send to your friend(s).
  2. Click on the “Click Me!” button when you’re done updating the information.
  3. A pop-up will appear and you can enter the email address or phone number of the person that you want to share the location with. You must also enter your own email address in the “from” field; you can enter an optional message if you’d like (i.e. Let’s meet for lunch tomorrow at 12:30).

Enter a recipient and message for your pinpoint.

  1. A shortened link is automatically included in your message and you can only enter up to 100 characters in your message.
  2. If you prefer, you can use one of the social icons at the bottom of the pop-up to share your “pinpoint” on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook.
  3. When you click on the “Send” button, PinPoints will automatically “enrich” your shared location with reviews, website URLs, and phone numbers.
  4. The final result (what your friend will see) is a stylish and interactive “pinpoint” with useful information, a Call button, the option to rate the service, the ability to get directions, and more.

Final result pinpoint

  1. Once you’ve already created a “pinpoint” for a location, you can click on that same location on the map at any time to update its information and resend it.

Not only does PinPoints make it really easy to share any location, but it also presents the location in visually pleasing way.

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