How to Add Sticky Notes to Any Web Page

How to Add Sticky Notes to Any Web Page

When you read paperback or hard cover books you can add notes, highlights, sticky notes, and bookmarks, but what about online content? What if you’re reading an article or Web page online and you want to add a sticky note with a comment, question or important piece of information?

You may be familiar with Diigo, a popular online tool that lets you annotate the Web. However, today I’m going to share a simpler service called Stickr. With Stickr you can add sticky notes to any Web page that you choose and share those notes with your friends on the Web. Here’s how to add sticky notes to a Web page.

Getting Started

  1. You will need to register for an account on Do this by clicking on the “Start Now” button on the home page.
  2. Once your account has been created, you can start adding sticky notes (called stickers). There are three ways to add stickers to a Web page:

Install the Chrome extension.
Install the bookmarklet.
Manually add stickers via the website
Adding Stickers

  1. If you’re using the Chrome extension click on the browser icon to bring up the Stickr toolbar; you’ll see the toolbar appear at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the “link” button and enter the text that you’d like to have on your note.

Bring up the Sticky Notes Stickr toolbar via the browser icon or bookmarklet to add a new sticker.

  1. Click on the “more” arrow to add tags and to set the privacy of your sticker (public or private). If your note is public, other people using the Stickr Chrome extension will be able to see your notes from the “Dashboard” link on the Stickr toolbar.

Sticky Notes: View all public notes for a Web page from the dashboard

Clicking on “Dashboard” will bring up all notes for the current page. You can also see all of your stickers and tags. The browser icon will also show the total number of public notes that have been added to a particular page.

  1. You can drag the sticker around the page and place it anywhere that you’d like. Each sticker has a 300-character limit and the text will automatically save as you type.
  2. If you want to share the sticker, click on the “share” link at the bottom right corner of the sticky note.

Sticky Notes: Share your stickers from Stickr by email or on a social network.

The “share” link will pop-up a window where you can enter email addresses of the people you’d like to share with, or choose to share on your favorite social network(s).

  1. You can also add various attachments to your stickers like photos, videos, and quotes. You can do this by using the photo, video, and quote buttons on the toolbar.

Add an image to a sticky note on Stickr.

  1. You can also highlight text on a Web page and a “Stick it” button will appear next to it. Click on that to add the selected text to a sticky note.
  2. When you hover your mouse over an image, you may also notice that it turns into a pin and the a “Stick it” button will appear above it. This is just another way of adding images to your stickers.

Final Thoughts
As you can see, Stickr is indeed easy-to-use. Just pull up the toolbar, add your stickers, and keep browsing. Not only that, but it’s a great way to see what other users think about a Web page, since you can see public notes from others.

Do you use Stickr or a similar service?

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